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Iowa City Eye Conditions and Treatments

Mcdonald Optical

Treating Eye Conditions, One Step At A time

Eye Doctors in Iowa City Offer High-Quality Eye Exams For Many Conditions

Doctor’s Note: If you think you may be suffering from any of the eye conditions listed below, schedule an appointment with McDonald Optical’s Iowa City Eye Doctors today!  

Causes of Flashes Of Light/Floaters

Floaters are often small bits of debris or other detritus that are making their way across the eye.  They can even be cells, living or dead, that are either cleaning the eye or on their way to being disposed of.

Flashes of light can be caused by a number of things, including being struck on the head, a migraine, or what’s called an “ophthalmic migraine,” which is when you get flashes of light but without a headache.

Contact your local eye care experts at McDonald Optical in Iowa City today to see what flashes of light/floaters treatment might work best for you.

Conjunctivitis/"Pink Eye"

Conjunctivitis, or “pink eye,” occurs because of an inflammation or infection of the eye’s conjunctiva, the transparent membrane covering the white of your eyeball. The small blood vessels in the conjunctiva become inflamed and, because of that, more visible, which causes the distinctive reddish-pink coloration so closely associated with the condition.

Contact the trusted optometrists at McDonald Optical in Iowa City today to see what conjunctivitis treatments might work best for you.

Dry Eye

Dry eyes can happen to almost anyone, and they’re a relatively simple condition with relatively simple treatments.  That being said, it’s best to be aware of environmental or biological factors that can cause them to help better prevent dry eyes from springing up again. It’s also best to be mindful of what can happen if they’re left untreated.

Schedule an eye exam with the premier local eye doctors at McDonald Optical in Iowa City today to see what dry eye treatments might work best for you.

Hordeolum (Stye)

A hordeolum, or stye, is generally caused by a bacterial staph infection that looks like a pus-filled lump or pimple at the edge of the eyelid.  Treatment can include warm compresses or antibiotic eye drops or ointments.  

To see what hordeolum treatments might work best for you, reach out to some of the best eye doctors in the area and schedule an eye exam at McDonald Optical in Iowa City today.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is the progressive loss of central vision, which allows you to see fine details when looking at something close or far. 

The condition manifests as dry macular degeneration, which is much more common and causes small clumps of a protein called drusen to grow along the eye’s macula that cause vision loss, or wet macular degeneration, which is less common and more serious.   Wet macular degeneration occurs when new, abnormal blood vessels grow under the retina and leak blood and other fluids.   This scars the macula and causes swift and acute central vision loss.

Contact your local eye care experts at McDonald Optical in Iowa City and schedule an eye exam today to see what macular degeneration treatments might work best for you.

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

Meibomian gland dysfunction is thought to be the leading cause of dry eye syndrome.  It affects the glands in the eyelid responsible for critical parts of tear production and can be caused by dirt, dust, bacteria, and other microbial or environmental factors. 

Treatment is usually administered as a topical lubricant, warm compress, or a gentle massage on the eyelids.

To see what meibomian gland dysfunction treatments might work best for you, call, email, or stop in to see some of the most renowned local eye doctors and schedule an eye exam at McDonald Optical in Iowa City today.

Ocular Infections

Viruses, bacteria, other microbes, and more can cause annoying ocular infections like pink eye and others. They can come from anywhere, from doorknobs to unwashed contacts, so it’s essential to try and maintain good personal and spatial hygiene to avoid any potential infections.

Ocular infections are variable and widespread, and treatments can vary from case to case.  Contact McDonald Optical in Iowa City and schedule an eye exam with our top-notch local optometrists today to see what ocular infection treatments might work best for you.

Ocular Injuries

Eye injuries can be just a bit of raised eye pressure, or a nearly-detatched cornea, or any other conditions in between. 

They can usually occur from: 

  • Punches. 
  • Contact Sports. 
  • Injury from flying debris during industrial work. 
  • Other flying objects like bullets, fireworks, bungee cords, and BBs, or others.
  • Chemical splashes. 


Due to their variable nature, if you believe you’re suffering discomfort, pain, and/or loss of vision from an ocular injury, consult your eye doctor for further treatment.

To get advice on what ocular injury treatments might work best for you, contact your local eye care experts at McDonald Optical in Iowa City today.


Strabismus occurs when the eyes do not line up correctly and point in different directions.  This can result from diabetes, thyroid disease, brain tumors, stroke, an accident or head injury, or eye surgery damage to the eye muscles.

Surgery is the most common treatment administered for strabismus, though eye doctors may also use eye muscle exercises, prism eyeglasses, and Botox as either singular or supplemental treatments. 

Call up the high-quality eye doctors and schedule an eye exam at McDonald Optical in Iowa City today to see what strabismus treatments might work best for you.


Uveitis occurs when the middle layer of the eyeball, the uvea, becomes inflamed.   Vital blood vessels that deliver nourishment to the eye tissue can be damaged, so seeking treatment immediately is seriously recommended. 

There are three types of uveitis: 

  • Anterior uveitis results in swelling of the front of the eye.   It can begin suddenly and last for weeks. 
  • Intermediate uveitis results in swelling of the middle of the eye and can last from a few weeks to several years.   
  • Posterior uveitis results in swelling at the back of the eye and can last, like intermediate uveitis, for up to several years.

An eye doctor can treat uveitis with corticosteroid eyedrop medicine, dilation therapy, oral medicine, or an injection. In exceptional cases, you may need to see a rheumatologist as well.

To see what uveitis treatments might work best for you, reach out to the top-tier optometrists and schedule an eye exam at McDonald Optical in Iowa City today.

Contact McDonald Optical at (319)-359-3307 or Book Online Here.

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