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Hard to Fit Contacts From Our Iowa City Eye Doctors

With the countless number of people happily wearing contact lenses in this day and age, you'd think that getting fitted for your own pair of comfortable, high-quality contacts would be a simple matter -- but that isn't necessarily the case. Not every pair of eyes can accept standard-issue lenses. If you have a condition or consideration that puts your eyes in the "hard to fit" category, you need an extra degree of expertise and resources to enjoy the best possible vision correction.Fortunately, you can get those hard to fit contacts from our Iowa city eye doctors at McDonald Optical, Dr. Nickel, and Dr. Houck.

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When Contact Lenses Are Hard to Fit

A variety of factors may complicate your quest for contact lenses, including specific vision problems, usage habits, and eye conditions. Your eyes may hard to fit due to:

Dry eye - Dry eye can provide your corneas with a less-than-optimal tear film cushion, making it easier for contacts to irritate your corneas. 

A difficult refractive error - Astigmatism, presbyopia, and even extreme nearsightedness or farsightedness can require correction beyond the abilities of generic soft lenses.

GPC - GPC, or giant papillary conjunctivitis, is an inflammation of the conjunctiva often caused by sensitivity of accumulated particles of debris on soft contact lenses.

Keratoconus - Keratoconus causes the corneas to bulge outward into abnormal, cone-like shapes. Soft contacts are less effective for this condition because they simply conform to the abnormal corneal shape.

We Have Your Hard to Fit Contacts in Iowa City

The first step in figuring out the best contacts for your needs is a detailed contact lens exam. Our Iowa City eye doctors evaluate your corrective prescription, state of health, preferred length of lens wear, and any known eye problems that might make standard contacts a bad idea. at the same time, we make precise measurements of your eyes to ensure the best possible fit.

Modern techniques and technologies have resulted in an astonishing variety in contact lenses, including designs and materials optimized for hard to fit conditions. McDonald Optical can fit you with specialized contacts in Iowa City such as:

Toric contacts, which are designed to provide the most accurate astigmatism correction possible

Rigid gas permeable contacts, which can correct stronger prescriptions while accumulating less debris

Multifocal or monovision contacts to compensate for presbyopia

Scleral contacts, which compensate for keratoconus by simply vaulting over the abnormal corneas

Contacts that retain moisture, improving safety and comfort for dry eye sufferers

Hard to Fit Contacts Are Easy for McDonald Optical

As you can see, the right combination of due diligence, attention to detail and a wide range of solutions can make even your hard to fit condition a lot easier to address. Get the high-quality contacts your eyes need and deserve by calling either of our two McDonald Optical offices for an appointment with one of our Iowa City eye doctors! 319-337-4995

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