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Eye Disease Treatment in Iowa City from Our Optometrists

Without proper treatment, a number of disorders can impair your vision or cause eye discomfort.  While many people link eye exams to getting corrective lenses, testing at McDonald Optical is important for diagnosing a variety of eye conditions and for formulating customized eye disease treatment in Iowa City.

eye disease exam

The Most Common Eye Diseases

Our full-spectrum practice provides patients with a number of options for treating eye diseases and disorders.  These are the three most common eye diseases our optometrists see:

Glaucoma develops after the excessive pressure in the eye damages the optic nerve.  Without proper treatment, blindness results from this damage.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) destroys central vision over a period of time.  It occurs after a breakdown of the macula in the center of the retina.  AMD takes a number of forms and if untreated, can result in blindness.  Symptoms might include blurred vision, perceiving straight lines as wavy, trouble seeing details, and difficulty with color vision.

Diabetic eye disease, or diabetic retinopathy, occurs when diabetes causes leakage of blood or serum from eye vessels.  This can cause retinal swelling that impairs vision, the production of new blood vessels that are fragile, and hemorrhaging of the retina.

A yearly eye exam can also diagnose a number of other conditions a doctor of optometry treats.  Examples include cataracts, astigmatism, and dry eye. 

Treatment Options from Our Eye Doctors

Treatment of an eye disease begins with a vision exam.  Our eye doctors perform both routine and comprehensive exams.  A routine exam includes a discussion of your medical history and any symptoms you might be experiencing vision and eye function testing and an eye health evaluation. 

Patients who have an eye disease, or shows signs or symptoms of an eye disease receives a comprehensive exam. To evaluate your eyes, our optometrists use state-of-the-art tools that take precise measurements.  They look for signs of eye disease and other disorders that can damage your vision without the right treatment.  One helpful new technology we use for detecting eye disease is digital retinal photography. 

Our treatment for glaucoma includes medication in drop form. We sometimes also recommend medical help for any accompanying hypertension.

AMD treatment includes injectable drugs and other options to slow progression of the disease.

Our eye doctors carefully monitor patients for any signs of diabetic eye disease and recommend that they seek medical treatment for their diabetes.

Schedule an Appointment for Eye Disease Treatment in Iowa City

The best way to maintain eye health is to undergo regular exams.  We can fill all your eye care needs at either of our two locations.  Schedule an appointment with one of our McDonald Optical optometrists, Annette Nickel and Matthew Houck, for eye disease treatment in Iowa City or for any other vision care you need.  Call us today at 319-337-4995 to schedule an appointment!

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