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McDonald Optical

Sports Vision Exams in Iowa City

Mcdonald Optical

Train Your Eyes Right

Iowa City Optometrists With Quality Sports Vision Exams

Doctor’s Note:  Come into McDonald Optical in Iowa City and get the premier sports vision guidance from well-established local eye doctors.   

And if you’re in need of some protective sports eyewear or just a new pair of glasses, stop in to see our eyeglasses store and all it has to offer. 

What Are Sports Vision Exams?

It’s easy to think that all an athlete needs—or all they have—in terms of competitive abilities boils down to supremacy in musculature development and cardiovascular endurance.

But recently, vision has been the subject of greater study.  One part of this is obvious—of course, athletes need to see well; otherwise, how can most of them be expected to compete?

It’s not just base ability, however, or the mere idea that athletes, like most anyone, need their vision to perform their best.  More and more time and research are being put into training an athlete’s vision, like any muscle group or cardiovascular capacity, to reach ultimate and peak performance. 

The game is no longer about the athlete who can lift more and run faster and longer than anyone else—it’s about the one who can do all that and still keep their eyes sharp, focused, and clear on the goal ahead.  Those are the ones that win.   

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Broken glasses?  Sore eyes?  Take a seat—with dedicated local optometrists and 65 years of experience behind us, you’re in good hands.

Our Optometrists

Dr. Brian Kirschling, OD

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What Our Clients Say

“ALWAYS A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. Top notch service and high quality products evrey time I visit. Very clean and beautiful store downtown. I’m so glad to have found them when I moved to Iowa City.”

Thomas O.

“ALWAYS GREAT SERVICE. McDonald Optical takes care of customers as you would expect a local business, courteous and always willing to go the extra step to make customers happy.”

Paul S.

“The support staff was very personable and took care of the billing in quick order. I feel both people that I dealth with did the ver ybest they could to take care of me. I was very happy with how everything was handled.”

Ronald H.

“The care you get at McDonald Optical is personal and thorough. I know I can trust them ot take care of me and my family’s eye care needs.”

Amy M.

Why CHoose Us

Our Values

Since 1956, we’ve set ourselves apart by offering customer services you can’t find anywhere else.  And to this day, we’re intent on delivering the best optical experience for you, both the one in the store, and the one you’ll carry with you every day after you leave.

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After 65 years of business, we've had time to learn—and time to learn how to learn. So let us put what we know to work for you and your family.

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Happy Clients

Surprising and keeping our customers happy with new, innovative, and reasonable eye care and eye wear services is what we've been doing for a long, long time.

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Personalized Design

You are our most important customer. No matter what it takes, we want to get you eye care and eye wear you deserve quickly, expertly, and most importantly, just right for you.