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Our new location at 1301 Gilbert St Suite C2 opened November 1st!

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McDonald Optical

Iowa City Specialty Eyeglass Brands

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At McDonald Optical, we strive to provide products that appeal to ALL of our customers. We’re proud to offer our own McDonald Optical private label frame brand! These frames are made only from the finest quality materials and come in many stylish shapes, colors, and sizes. We would only put our name on the very best quality products. We’re excited to offer these frames at an incredible price that start at $95 for the frame and single vision lenses with anti-reflective treatment…this is a super value for the quality that these products are made of. Progressive (no-line bifocals) start at $175 for the complete frame and lenses which also include anti-reflective features. Don’t miss out on all the great products we offer and check out the incredible styling that we developed in our own McDonald Optical collection!
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Ørgreen Optics is a global eyewear brand born and based in Copenhagen. From our handmade frames to our full-service flagship shop, we approach the art of eyewear holistically, focusing on customer care and superior quality. In our pursuit of the best, we strive to build a community of makers, vendors, and customers who choose to believe in quality as a foundation for good design.
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Each pair is unique - just like you!

Spexwax frames are handmade in San Diego out of recycled, unplayable records. The styles are electric and unique – reminiscent of the records they’re made from! We are the only Spexwax dealer in Iowa and one of only two dealers in the Midwest.
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As a family company, we work every day to make glasses of the highest quality for sophisticated people around the world. Our designers take their time to meticulously develop classic designs and technical finesse. That is why some of our product lines have decades of history at Lunor. The spectacle makers at our manufacturing facilities in southern Germany and Japan as well as our very own workshop in the Black Forest produce elaborate craftsmanship. This craftsmanship continually inspires the best opticians and our customers across the world with the typical Lunor quality and our dependable service. With this success comes responsibility, and for many years we have been committed to sustainable solutions and absolutely fair production conditions. In 2018, our efforts made us the first company in the industry to be 100% climate-neutral.
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TOM FORD is the first true luxury brand of the 21st century and places a priority on delivering the highest quality product and the greatest standard of service. Tom Ford eyeglasses are cherished for their ageless design and their magnificent combination of vintage allure with current refinement. Each pair of Tom Ford shades and bifocals is made in Italy utilizing top-quality materials and maticulous attention to detail. A subtle “T” along the hinges and “TOM FORD” imprinted on the earpieces make each pair conspicuous as a unique pair of Tom Ford eyeglasses.
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Superb Parisian optical eyewear with over ninety years of experience

Unparalleled expertise with an emphasis on elegance and strong family values – all backed by a name you can depend on: Lafont. Glasses hand made in France, making Parisian chic accessible worldwide. Style and comfort in everyday use. A pair of glasses is not just an accessory; it provides the first hint of an individual’s personality. The wearer must enjoy a frame and feel that it is completely consistent with his or her look and mindset. A great pair of glasses, with all its detail and complexity must above all be an extension of the individual. Lafont eyewear collections all have one thing in common: a subtly rebellious, discreetly avant-garde touch of refinement. Over 200 colour combinations and a selection of unique mix-and-match materials: tartan or Liberty print fabrics sandwiched between two sheets of acetate, panther designs, horn and tortoise shell. Each frame is full of surprises! A deep rooted heritage of French culture and tastes is seen through the works of art created in the workshops of Jura. Parisian Flair – For over 90 years good taste and a certain “je ne sais quoi” have been the hallmark of the Lafont brand, its boutiques and of course their distinguished creations.
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PRODESIGN is the pioneering eyewear company founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 1973. Today, after more than 40 years in the industry, ProDesign continues to deliver fresh and dynamic eyewear concepts that combine functionality and visual expression while remaining true to our Danish design heritage.
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Known for its clean lines and sophisticated aesthetic, Sandro is a leading accessible luxury parisian brand featuring refined and versatile men’s and women’s collections. Evelyne Chetrite, founder and creative director since 1984, developed a new women’s aesthetics: modern and sophisticated with a hint of androgyny. In line with the Sandro sensibility, Evelyne’s son, Ilan, lauchned Sandro Homme in 2008 focusing on revisted classics with a modern twist. Today, Sandro has over 700 points of sale worldwide.
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From the start, Dolabany Eyewear’s core belief has been that eyewear should be fitted and sold in a professional and personalized environment by eye care providers. Therefore, we do not sell to “big-box” chain-stores, nor do we allow our brands to be sold on the internet. We are continuously working to keep our brands exclusively available through brick & mortar locations. Furthermore, we encourage and redirect brand inquiries from the consumer to our independent partners listed in the Store Locator. We are determined to protect the independent eye care professional and the consumer alike. These values go hand-in-hand in designing high-quality, fashionable eyewear. Our brands are produced with premium materials and exceptional workmanship. For example, our retro models are made the old-fashioned way – using high-quality acetate, real rivets, and multi-barrel hinges. Our unique designs are always at the forefront of eyewear fashion, implementing new materials and concepts, such as our latest collection frames made with TR-90 material which is extremely lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic. This material can be found throughout our collections adding function to fashion.