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Sports Vision

Kids on the same soccer team looking out and practicing their sports vision skills

Sports ability is much more than how fast you can run or how well you can catch a ball. A wide variety of factors combine to create your ability to play a certain sport, including many different factors related to vision. At McDonald Optical we have patients who play many different sports, and we constantly find that the more finely-tuned your visual abilities are, the more you'll excel at your chosen sport.

Sports Vision Skills

Sports vision isn't just the ability to see across the pitcher's mound or watch your golf ball fly into the distance. A lot of factors combine to make a great athlete, including:

Depth perception: can aid in following the movement of balls or seeing a trail downhill while skiing.

Hand-eye coordination: crucial for baseball players and others who play a sport that includes equipment.

Eye tracking ability: useful for football and basketball players who need to follow the path of a ball or hockey players who need to chase a puck.

Types of Sports Vision Testing

We offer a wide variety of sports vision testing, depending on the athlete and the type of vision needs she has. We won't give every patient every test available, but in general, these are among the most common tests given to help improve sports performance.

The Snellen Eye Chart

This familiar eye chart has rows of letters, with each line getting progressively smaller as they go down the chart. This test is the basic beginning for virtually all eye tests. It creates the baseline information on which we can build a visual profile, all designed to increase your sports performance.

Contrast Sensitivity Tests

These tests determine your ability to spot objects in front of a field of similarly colored background objects. If we find you have poor contrast sensitivity, we can fit you with special tinted eyeglasses that help you to determine the difference between shades of the same color. If you already wear contact lenses, it always helps to keep them very clean, as any specks on your lenses can reduce your contrast sensitivity.

Eye Tracking

We have tests using a variety of devices that can determine how well your eyes can track a moving object. 

Ocular Alignment

This test can find out how well your eyes work together. Eyes focusing on different objects at the same time, or even slightly different spots on the same object, can make it increasingly difficult for you to handle a ball or aim at a goal.

Looking for Iowa City Eye Doctors?

Your vision and coordinated eye abilities have a significant impact on your success in any given sport. Whatever game you play, it's important that you're playing at your best. Our professional vision team can help make sure that happens. Call our office at 319-337-4995 to make an appointment today.

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